Casa Bosques Chocolate Bar

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Casa Bosques Chocolate Bar

Casa Bosques Chocolate Bar

By Casa Bosques

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Casa Bosques’ organic chocolate bar flavors are inspired by an appreciation for craftsmanship, and the idea that when the ingredients we use every day, and the things we consume, become a work of art, then we shall be able to achieve a balanced life.

To preserve the quality of your bars, keep them in their original packaging, away from humidity, air, and light. In order to make the most of their freshness, we recommend that you consume them within 2 months of your purchase. Made in Mexico, net weight 60g (2.12oz). 

Sea Salt Ingredients: Organic cacao bean, sea salt, organic cane sugar.

Cardamom Ingredients: organic cacao, powdered cardamom, organic cane sugar.

Puffed Quinoa & Turmeric Ingredients: Organic cacao, organic puffed quinoa, organic coconut, organic turmeric and organic sugar.

Cacao Nibs Ingredients: organic cacao ,cacao nibs, organic  sugar.

Black Toasted Sesame Ingredients: Organic cacao bean, Black toasted sesame seeds, cacao shells, cacao nibs , organic cane sugar.

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