NOTO Hydra Highlighter Stick

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NOTO Hydra Highlighter Stick

NOTO Hydra Highlighter Stick


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A shimmer stick that gives you a beautiful dewy finish, with a very natural look. Filled with organic ingredients that act as skincare first, it’s an all around perfect glow.

Perfect for temples, eyelids, cupid’s bow, collar bones, shoulders, and legs. Can be used under makeup for a glowing foundation, under eye to brighten, or on the lips for a shimmering balm.

• Organic Jojoba Oil: A hydrating base full of antioxidants and fatty acids.
• Organic Olive Oil: Moisturizes and nourishes your skin and lips.
• Mica: Fair trade ingredient that adds a pearly glow.
• Lavender Oil: A calming scent with anti-inflammatory properties.
• Organic Neem Seed Oil: Adds antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects to our shimmer stick.

9 oz.

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